Power supply single phase transformers are realised according to the European legislation EN 61558-1 and CEI 96-3, to the American legislation UL 506 and UL 1585 and to the Canadian legislation CSA 22.2 n66 in order to be used in the electromechanical and electronic industry and electromedical field as well.


They are divided into separating transformers (EN 61558-1 CEI 96-3), control transformers (EN 61558-2-2 CEI 96-9), isolating transformers (EN 61558-2-4 CEI 96-8) and safety transformers (EN 61558-2-6 CEI 96-7).


Depending on their structure they can be classified into single phase, column type or toroidal.


The single phase is characterised by the magnetic core (E+I) which is composed by a central column where the body of the winding is introduced and by two side columns that close the circuit.


The column type refers to the distribution of the windings on two columns. This solution allows the use of magnetic cores (U+I) of reduced section with consequent limitation of the insertion currents and a high heat dissipation surface.


The supply voltage must not exceed 1000VAC and 500Hz.


Both transformers are immersed in an insulating liquid and/or tropicalized for a better yield and a better reliability in wet places.


The realisation of the toroidal transformer consists in making the winding directly on an iron-silicon core with oriented grains.


Our products are entirely realised in Italy with first choice raw materials strictly selected in order to guarantee the best quality and safety.


Our Technical Department is qualified and prepared to satisfy all kind of demands including tailor made requests.

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