NOR-SE | Electric Transformers

NOR-SE founded in 1981 by his owner Egidio Mapelli. The site has a surface of 2500sm in Dovera at just 40km from Milan. Since its birth the company is specialised in the production of electric transformers, lamellar, toroidal and with "C" cores. Technological evolution and the growing needs of the market have led to a continuous enlargement of the range and of the know-how making NOR-SE reach high standards in quality, production and organisation in order to satisfy each and every request.


Today the company is able to fulfil the demand of companies that work in different fields such as:

audio industry

automation industry

electronic industry

lift industry

switchboards industry

... and moreover.


The staff is qualified and prepared to collaborate with the customer for the project and realisation of customised solutions suitable for each need.


The whole production, from the project to the test, production and shipment, is entirely made in Italy and realised in Dovera. NOR-SE chose to focus on the quality of its products with the aim of guarantee safety and reliability using certified raw materials and respecting the European and international regulations.

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