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Data Processing

Type of Data collected

Among the personal data collected by this app, autonomously or by means of third party, there are: cookies, usage data, telephone number, name and email address.

Specific details related to each type of collected data are provided in the specific sections of this privacy policy or by means of specific informing texts that you can read before the collection of the personal data itself.
Personal data can be freely provided by the user or, in the case of usage data, collected automatically during the usage of this app.
Unless otherwise specified, the personal data required are compulsory. If the user refuses to provide them it could be impossible for the app to provide its service. Wheter this app indicates that some data are optional, users can freely refrain from giving this kind of information, without compromising the service functionality.
Users that may have doubts on which are the optional data should contact the owner. The possible use of cookies (or other tracking tools) by this app or by the owners of further services used by this app, unless otherwise specified, aims to provide the service demanded by the user as well as further purposes described in this document or in the cookie policy.

The user takes responsibility for third party's personal data which have been obtained, shared or published through this app and shall ensure the right of spreading and reporting them releasing the owner from any liability towards third party.

Terms and Place of Data processing

Terms of data processing

The owner takes the appropriate security measures in order to avoid the unauthorized access, disclosure, amendment or destruction of personal data.
The data processing is carried out by means of computer tools, in an organizational way and following principles which are strictly related to the stated purposes. Besides the owner, in certain cases, other actors involved in the organization of the app (administration, commercial, marketing and legal staff) or third party (such as technical services providers, postal carriers, hosting providers, computer companies and communication agencies) could have acccess to the data. Moreover, they may be appointed Responsible for the data processing at the hands of the owner. The updated list of people responsible for the data processing can always be asked to the owner of the data processing.

Legal basis of the data processing

The owner processes personal data related to the user in the case there is one of those conditions:

  • the user gave his/her explicit consent to one or more specific purposes. Note: in some jurisdictions the owner can be entitled to process personal data without the explicit consent of the user or without any of the following jurisdictions as long as the user doesn't object to this process. However, this is not applicable whenever the personal data process is regulated by the European law in terms of personal data protection;
  • the user gave his/her explicit consent to one or more specific purposes. Note: in some jurisdictions the owner can be entitled to process personal data without the explicit consent of the user or without any of the following jurisdictions as long as the user doesn't object to this process. However, this is not applicable whenever the personal data process is regulated by the European law in terms of personal data protection;
  • the proccess is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which the owner is subject;
  • the process is necessary for the execution of a task in the public interest or for the exercise of official authority the owner is invested with;
  • the process is necessary to achieve the legitimate interest of the owner or of the third party.

However, it is always possible to ask the owner to explain the legal basis of each process and to indicate wether the process is based on law, laid down by an agreement or necessary to enter into a contract.


Data are processed within the owner’s operational headquarters and everywhere the parties involved are based. For further information please contact the owner. Personal data may be transferred to a country other than that in which the user is based. For further information related to the place of the data process the user can rely on the section devoted to details on personal data processing.

The user has the right to obtain information regarding the legal basis of the transfer of personal data to countries outside the European Union or to international organizations for public law or to an organization which is joined by more than two countries, such as the UN. Moreover, the user has the right to obtain information regarding security measures taken by the owner to protect personal data.

In the case one the tranfer described above occurs, the user can rely on the specific sections of this document or ask information to the owner via his email address (you can find it on the top of the document).

Data retention period

Data are processed and retained during the period of time that is necessary for the purposes of their collection.


  • Personal data that have been collected for purposes such as the performance of a contract between the owner and the user may be retained until the performance of the contract is complete
  • Personal data that have been collected for the owner’s legitimate interest may be retained until his legitimate interest is fulfilled; The user can get more information relating the owner‘s legitimate interest in the special sections of this document or by contacting the owner.

When the data processing is based on the user’s consent, the owner can retain the personal data for a longer period of time in accordance with a legal obligation or by order of an authority. At the end of the period of retention the personal data will be deleted.

Therefore, upon the expiry of this period the rights of access, deletion, rectification and data portability can no longer be exercised.

Purposes of data processing

User’s personal data are collected to enable the owner to provide services; moreover, they are useful for other purposes such as: statistics and contact with the user.

For further information regarding the data process’ purposes and regarding which personal data are relevant for each purpose the user can rely on the specific sections of this document.

Details on the data processing

Personal data are collected for the following purposes and through the following services:

Get in touch with the user

Contact the user by telephone (this app)
Users that provided their telephone number may be contacted for commercial or promotional purposes linked to this app or to fulfill support requests.
Personal data collected: telephone number.

Contact form (this app)
The user, by filling the form with his/her personal data, gives consent to use them to ask his/her requests of information, requests to get an estimate or any sort of further requests.
Personal data collected: name and email address.


The services included in this section allow the owner of the process to track and analyse traffic data and user’s behaviour.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. Google uses the personal data, which have been collected, to track and examine the usage of this app, to fill reports and share them with other services developed by Google.
Google may use personal data to contextualise and customise ist network’s ads. Personal data collected: cookies and usage data.

Place of the process: USA. Member of the Privacy Shield.

User’s rights

Users can exercise their rights relating to the personal data collected and processed by the owner.

In particular, the user has the following rights:

  • withdraw their consent at any time. The user can withdraw their consent to process their personal data which was previously given.

  • object to their data process. The user can object to the data process when this process happens on a legal basis other than the one expressed in the consent. You can find further details on the right to object in the section below.

  • access the personal data. The user has the right to get information on the data processed by the owner, on certain aspects of the process and has the right to get a copy of the data processed.

  • check and ask fort he correction. The user can check their personal data and ask for their correction or updating;

  • get the limitation of the data process. In certain conditions, the user can ask fort he limitation of the process. In that case, the owner can just retain the data without processing them.

  • get the deletion oft he personal data. In certain conditions the user can ask the owner for the deletion of their personal data.

  • get their data or let them move to another owner. The user hast he right to get their personal data in a structured and readable way and, where it is possible, to get their relocation to another owner unimpeded. This provision is applicable when data are processed through computerised methods and the process is based on the consent of the user, on an agreement of which the user is part or on contractual arrangements connected to it.

  • lodge a complaint. The user can lodge a complaint to the data control authorities or take action in court proceedings.

Details regarding the right of objection

When personal data are processed in the public interest, in the exercise of state authority vested in the owner or for the purposes of the legitimate interest pursued by the controller, users have the right to object to the processing of their data for reasons relating to their specific conditions.

It should be noted that, if personal data are processed for direct marketing purposes, the users can object to the processing of their data without giving any reason. If users want to know whether the controller is using personal data for direct marketing purposes they can rely on the specific sections of this document.

How to exercise the rights

The users who want to exercise their rights should write to the controller’s email address that you find it in this document. Requests are free of charge and should be completed within a month.

Further information on data processing

Defense in court proceedings

User’s personal data can be used by the controller in court. The user stated that he/she is aware that the controller may be obliged to disclose the personal data by order of the public authorities.

Specific information

At the request of the user, in addition to the information included in this privacy policy, this app may provide the user with further information regarding specific services or the personal data process.

Specific information

System log and maintenance
This app, and other services connected to it, may collect system log (files that record interactions that may contain personal data such as user’s IP address) for maintenance and functioning purposes.

Information that are not supplied by this policy

Further information regarding personal data process can be asked to the controller at any time via email.

Replying to requests

This app doesn’t support requests. If the users want to discover if any third party’s services support requests are invited to consult the respective privacy policies.

Amendments to this privacy policy

The controller of the process reserves the right to amend this privacy policy at any time giving to the users information regarding this document and this app and, when it is possible, sending a notification to the user through the contact details at his disposal. Please visit this page regularly, by reference to the date of last modification that you can find at the bottom of the page.

If the amendments affect data process whose legal basis is the consent, the controller will collect user’s consent again, if it is necessary.

Definitions and legal references

Personal data

According to the law, personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual; an identifiable person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identification number (e.g. social security number) or one or more factors specific to his physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.

Usage data

Information that an administrator can use to learn how other people access and use a site or an app. By analyzing this data, an administrator can identify a site/app's most popular (or unpopular) areas and clarify the most common navigational paths through the site/app.


Person who uses this app and, except in certain cases, coincides with the interested party.

The interested party

Personal data’s natural subject.

Person responsible of the data processing

Natural or legal person, public administration or any other institution that processes personal data on behalf of the holder, according to what is written in this privacy policy.

Owner/controller of the process

Natural or legal person, public administration, service or any other institution that, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data and the instruments adopted, including security measures relating to the functioning and the use of this app. The owner of the process, unless otherwise specified, is also the owner of this app.

This app

Hardware or software by which users’ personal data are collected and processed.


The service provided by this app as defined in the terms of this app.

European Union

Unless otherwise specified, any reference to the European Union included in this document is intended as extended to all current Member States of the European Union and of the European Economic Area.


A cookie is a small amount of data generated by a website and saved by your web browser. Its purpose is to remember information about you, similar to a preference file created by a software application.

Legal background

This privacy policy is based on several systems of law including Articles 13 and 14 of the EU legislation 2016/679.

This privacy policy is based on several systems of law including Articles 13 and 14 of the EU legislation 2016/679.

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